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How to make a simple website in 5 minutes

We will show you how to make a simple website in 5 minutes. For this demonstration we will use wordpress platform. If you wanna try it, please download the wordpress installer and follow the steps below.
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Predictions for 2018 in Social Media

We all know that 2017 was a great year for the social media marketing world, especially for content creators.
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Useful Design Tips For UI/UX Designers

Steve’s tweets cover different elements of UI design and also include before-after mockup images that make them all the more easy to understand. Check out a few good ones below.
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Huawei mobile phone with Porsche design is for the first time on sale in Portugal

For the first time in Portugal, Huawei is offering a luxury edition mobile phone based on the design of Porsche. It costs 1,395 euros. The Mate 10 Porsche Design arrived in Portuguese stores on the 15th of December and is a deluxe version of Mate 10 Pro. It is based on Porsche brand cars. The design of the equipment changed - the look is a little different from the original and the device comes with 256 gigabytes of internal memory (the normal version has 128 gigabytes).
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Does apple slow down their mobile phones?

Apple slow down the older phones, they have confirmed that part of the rumors are true.
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