Junta de Freguesia de Mansores

About JF-Mansores: β€œMansores, as a human community established permanently in a portion of territory with stable limits, with its own name and identity, and uninterrupted, has existed for about a thousand years. It was established during the occupation of the territory by Arab and Berber peoples, said Moors or Moslems, still before the affirmation of the kingdom of Portugal. The oldest known document that mentions the word Mansores as toponym of the present parish dates from the middle of the XI century, being that until that time the region to which Mansores belongs was under Muslim occupation. And there is evidence that, although it is immaterial, we can not but stumble into it: the name Mansores.”

Junta de Freguesia de Mansores website

JF-Mansores’s website has now a joyful website. Easy to navigate and the most resourceful way for parents and educators to ask all the questions they need to know.
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