Molaflex Noctalia

“At Noctália, the quality of your rest is our only priority. That’s how it was 55 years ago. All the products that we offer are designed to provide the best rest, taking into account the specific and particular needs of each person. You can also count on personalized advice and the support of our technicians.”

In partnership with QA Advertising we designed and developed Molaflex’s new website. A brand new website with a lot more interactive with the user and much more in agreement with the brand.

Molaflex Noctalia project

To design this project we used illustrator and photoshop to image treatment.

Molaflex Noctalia platform is based on a customized backoffice and uses the latest technologies in the programming area. On the front office we used html5, css3, jquery, js, ajax, php and mysqli.


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