Placas Esmaltadas – Luís Filipe

“Luis Filipe – Placas Esmaltadas is a Enameling Workshop founded in 1992 located in the city of Matosinhos , which arose at the time that the amount of enamelling factories in Portugal was already greatly reduced due to the introduction of new technologies and raw materials.”

“Over the years we found that there was a fairly large deficit in the supply of enamelled plates and the like , and decided to invest in this ancient art that in Portugal reborn fashion enamel , because we think we have achieved that goal for sure.”

Placas Esmaltadas – Luís Filipe

Placas Esmaltadas website has now a joyful website. Easy to navigate and the most resourceful way for parents and educators to ask all the questions they need to know.
Make sure you check this website and help the project!

Placas Esmaltadas - Luis Filipe Tato

The company has responded immediately to the questions that are naturally placed in our daily lives, with professionalism, efficiency and good disposition. Our company Luis Filipe Tato - Glazed Plates Unip.Lda has chosen the right partner to answer your technical needs and achieve your business objectives. Our experience with has been very positive. We recommend! " Congratulations Hugo Vaz

Luis Filipe Tato


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