How can animations enhance your website?

As designers, we always try to imagine how the user will interact on the website and what their actions will be. All elements must be taken into consideration from the beginning of building the website layout.

Motion plays an important role in the user experience and should be functional, not just an aesthetic tool. Motion can attract attention and when used correctly, it helps to make the user stay on your website.

The movement of the animations should be simple, so that the user can discern what the focus is. There are several ways to use motion animations to enhance your website, for example, transitions between pages, animated graphics, and scroll-controlled elements.
Even the simplest actions can have subtle animation that makes them more interesting. The main functions of movement in web design are Change of State, Emphasis and Reveal. State change shows that an element changes style when the user hovers over it. Emphasis is used when you want to emphasize an element on the web page or when you want the user to take a specific action. Reveal allows the user to hide some information on the side panel or bottom. There are several techniques you can use on your website. Parallax is an animation based primarily on scrolling and refers to the apparent movement of objects when viewed from different positions. Dolly and Zoom is an in-camera effect where you move closer to or away from an object while zooming in the opposite direction.
Integrating some animations on your website can increase traffic and make users stay longer. Motion is the perfect tool to make your website unique and memorable.