How to convert between Sketch and Xd? Which one is the best?

In this article I will explain how to convert between Sketch and Xd formats and the reasons for choosing each one. I will analyze design capabilities, prototyping skills, sharing convenience and inspecting accuracy.

You may convert from one tool to another for several reasons. Convenience is the most common reason because not everyone has the same programs and skills to work on them. Cost is also an important factor and you can choose a more affordable program. Some customers are preferred in some programs because they had a bad experience before.

Sketch has much more detailed design capabilities than Adobe Xd. If you want a quick start, Adobe Xd has a more intuitive interface, which makes it easier to understand how it works. If most of your work consists of extremely detailed design, Sketch is the best option.

Converting Adobe Xd to Sketchup can be done in two ways:
Using a converter, for example XD2Sketch converts Xd files to Sketch. You can also do an SVG conversion, where all artboards are exported as SVGs and then imported into Sketch. This solution requires a lot more work.

You can open a Sketch file in Xd directly, with very good results. Adobe even provides some tips on converting Sketch design systems:

For Mac users, just press Cmd + O in Xd and open the Sketch file.
On Windows, the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + O.

Remember to save your file as an Xd file after this. The original Sketch file is also preserved. According to Adobe, you can only open Sketch files created with Sketch version 43 or later. Se tiver um arquivo mais antigo, apenas salve-o na versão mais recente do Sketch e poderá abri-lo.