How to share design and prototypes in Adobe xd?

Want to know how to share your prototype with others with just a link?
In Adobe Xd, at any stage of creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes, you can share at any time for collaboration, feedback and even approval.

In the top left corner of the page are the “Design”, “Prototype” and “Share” options. If you click on “Share” you will not be able to make changes, but you can define the permissions and settings for sharing, on the right side.

The design review is fantastic for gathering feedback on your work. Development is great for helping you get the job specs right. Presentation is a state that optimizes your work for presentation. User Testing is useful in testing users in interaction to get the user experience.

The head icon allows you to change view settings for sharing. And anyone with the link permission, whether by invitation or anyone with the link, will also be able to make changes.

When you send someone a link to access your design, if “Allow comments” is checked, the reviewer will see a comment icon in the top right corner of the header. This way, you can view your comments to make notes on the design or to leave your own comments.

Adobe Xd makes it easy to get real-time design feedback, which helps streamline the design review process.