Why should you update your website? Get up to 15% off on your new website

By keeping your website updated, you can ensure that your website security is not compromised. By updating your website content and design regularly, you can increase traffic to your website and grow your business! Get up to 15% off!

Updating a website not only increases website security and prevents hackers, it can also help with your marketing strategy and increase traffic to your website. This is why we suggest that companies update their website regularly.

Update your website design

Many companies only focus on content and marketing but don’t pay attention to the design and user-friendliness of their website. A poorly designed website with difficult-to-use navigation bars, unappealing colors, a non-responsive design, and an overly long contact form can cause visitors to leave a website without giving the company a chance.

Responsive web design

30% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This means that if your website is not designed for smartphones and tablets, you could lose around 30% of your potential leads. Websites with responsive designs will automatically update to fit the screen size and resolution of the device you use. This guarantees users a better user experience and increases the chances of them purchasing your product or service.

Adapting the design to the client

A website design should focus on the needs of the target customer. This involves providing compelling, easily accessible content that your ideal customer will find useful. This also means that the website is focused on converting these visitors into customers.

By regularly updating your website, you can help prevent security threats to your website, increase traffic and conversion with updated content, and provide a user-friendly experience using the latest web technologies such as responsive web design.