Should you follow the latest UI Design trends?

Design trends are constantly changing. It is important to study and understand new design trends to adapt. However, it must have a vision aimed at the future and be innovative. It also depends on your clients’ goals, as some clients want projects that follow current design trends and others may want something more traditional.

Trends rarely improve user experience. Some UI design trends go against fundamental UX principles, and just because they’re appealing doesn’t mean they work well. The best solution is to always test different options with users and make an informed decision based on real feedback.

It’s important to know when you should follow certain trends and why. Some websites have found a structure and design language that reflects users’ needs and have decided to stay the same over the years, rather than changing as trends grow, they have trusted their design decisions from the beginning.

Design will continue to evolve and trends will come and go, but constantly honing your ability to produce great work based on exactly what a specific client is looking for is the most valuable skill to have as a designer.

Digital product design must always bring the user experience in line with trends. In many cases, trends should be entirely redundant and have little or no influence on design decisions.